hydrophones at 50 meters.

hydrophones at 50 meters.

I’m a Midwest-based, West Coast born artist working in time-based media and cinema/sound studies. My recent projects have used video, sound, and intermedia performance to explore the life of the unseen or unknowable, and to voice these stories through improvisational techniques. These “field mediations” often call upon intervening technologies to highlight what exists in the gaps between histories and outside of sync, especially in the drift between sound and image. Ideas about minutia and repetition appear throughout my work, as do women whose seemingly mundane actions provide a structure for thinking about the uncertainty of perception and the radical productivity of error. I’m currently an Associate Professor of Film/Video/Animation/New Genres at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (US), where I teach courses in film production and cinema studies.

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My (abridged) CV lists information about exhibitions and academic scholarship.

For my official bio or other information, please contact me: kellykirshtner@gmail.com

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